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The connection of the temperature sensor with the measuring device can be realized with connectors .

We have a lot of connectors on stock.

The most available are:

  • Standard
  • Miniature


Connection heads

The connection of the temperature sensor with the measuring device can be realized with connection heads .

We have a lot of different heads on stock.



Temperature transmitters

The conversion of the temperature sensor signal can be realized with temperature transmitters. The transmitter can be fixed into:

-A connection head

-A Din rail box near the temperature sensor

-A connection box

We have a lot of transmitters on stock, and we can programmed them following your specifications.



Coupling and flanges

In some proceedings, it may be necessary to make a connection with the pyrometer with :

  • fitting fixed or sliding
  • flange
  • nipple

We have a lot of coupling and flanges on stock.


Thermocouple wires

The composition of thermocouples consist of 2 different wires alloys, into the following  executions:

  -With non precious metals

  -With precious metals

For more details see the file voir technical properties


In case you will fabricate thermocouples by yourselves, we can furnish you the thermocouple spools into different diameters and isolations.

We can also furnish you the wires into cut up lengths following your specifications and with  already welded hot junction.




Dans certains domaines, il est nécéssaire d'utiliser des creusets destinés à être mis au milieu d'un feu pour obtenir la fusion de certaines substances, et principalement les métaux.

Nous pouvons vous fournir des creusets en céramique, en porcelaine ou en platine de formes et dimensions variables suivant vos besoins.



Into our large game of products we can help you to select the choice who is the most adapted for your application. Please do not hesitate to contact us on following e-mail address :