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Compensating, extension and thermocouple cable

The compensating, extension and thermocouple cables are available for all types of thermocouples.

Different insulations are available depending on the application, the temperature scale, the surroundings and the response time.

The cables are available in a single pair or multi-pair (4, 6, 12 or 24 pairs)

You will find a table that gives you the colour codes and the temperatures ranges of the different compensating cables into : technical properties

Sections drivers off the most commonly used are shown in table below

stranded composition
Ø rigid conductor
1,5 mm²
48 brins x 0,20 mm Ø
1 x 1,38 mm Ø
0,75 mm²
24 brins x 0,20 mm Ø
0,50 mm²
16 brins x 0,20 mm Ø
1 x 0,80 mm Ø
0,22 mm²
7 brins x 0,20 mm Ø

We give below a few cables available. All our cables are not included on the site.

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Compensating cables

They are fabricate with alloys how are not obligatory identical to the respective thermocouples. The thermoelectric property into the authorised temperature range of the compensation cable (generally 0+200°C) is identical to the thermoelectric property of the thermocouple.


We have a important stock of compensating cables.



Extension and thermocouple cables

They are made of the same alloy as the nominal thermocouple


We have a important stock of extension and thermocouple cables.



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